Starting Location.

All parade vehicles will arrive at and drive into and through the parking lot at the CN centre. Only the lot bordered by Ospika Blvd, Keller Street on 2 sides and 18th Avenue will be used. Parade vehicle traffic will flow into the lot via a single entrance at the South West corner of the lot accessed via the main entrance off of Ospika Blvd. This entrance will be staffed by a local, professional traffic service (Alliance Traffic Group Inc.). All other entrances will be barricaded thus preventing entrance and exit. This ensures the traffic flows in one direction and an accurate vehicle count. The entrance will be clearly marked, and commercially made signs posted that state.

  • “Parade Vehicles Only”

  • ‘No Spectators”

  • “Remain in Your Vehicle”

In the parking lot there will be a cash donation box that will be reachable from the passing vehicles. Parade participants will be invited to make a voluntary charitable donation. 100% of the funds collected will be donated equally between the Prince George Hospice Society and the Prince George office of the Alzheimer Society of BC. Representatives of these two organizations will be on hand, seated, wearing masks and not interacting with the parade participants and maintaining a 2M distance from the passing vehicles and each other. Their purpose is to handle donations after the last vehicle has passed through the donation area in the parking lot. In order to reduce the number of vehicles slowing down or stopping to make a cash donation at the CN Centre, a temporary e-transfer account has been set up for the sole purpose of donations to the two Charites selected as this year’s recipients. Parade participants will be able to donate electronically up to 3 weeks before and 1 week after the event.

Parade marshals, representatives of the 2 involved charities, and traffic controllers will be issued hand sanitizer as an added precaution.

As the first 50 vehicles enter the parking lot, they will be directed into a row by parade marshals wearing reflective vests and nonsurgical masks. The vehicles will be spaced at a normal distance one immediately behind the other, once the 50th vehicle enters the property the parade marshal will signal the start of the parade and from this point forward the flow of traffic will be continuous.


No food or beverages will be sold or served at this location and no washroom facilities are available during this brief staging period for these 50 vehicles

As the remainder of the parade participants (vehicle #51 and on) arrive at the parking lot, the gated exit will be opened to allow the parade vehicle s to exit freely, slowing down or stopping for a few seconds to make their donations if needed. The exit will be the Keller Street exit closest to 18th Avenue which allows for a natural flow onto 18th Avenue.

Once the last parade vehicle has departed, there will be no further activity at the CN Centre. The parade marshals and traffic control services will depart as well, thus ending the charity portion of the parade.

The Parade Route.

Upon arriving at the staging area, each vehicle will be provided with a hard copy of the parade route as well as a reminder of the Covid compliance restrictions. This will be distributed by a Parade Marshal wearing a high visibility vest and nonsurgical face covering. The information contained on this document will also be published in advance of the parade on the Cruisin Classics web page and social media page.

Once the parade is in motion, the vehicles will travel in and about Prince George covering approximately 30 kms. Select intersections will be controlled by Alliance Traffic Group Inc. The parade has no scheduled stops, side events or interactions with any spectators or members of the public. The route is laid out in such a way that the parade does not circle back on itself and all vehicles will be travelling in the same direction. 


There will be NO pedestrians, marching bands or floats containing people in this parade. This will be strictly enforced and well established on the Social media Site as well as the Cruisin’ Classics website.