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The Cruisin' Classics welcomed several new members to the club for 2021, one of whom is Marius St. Pierre from Prince George. Marius is the proud owner of this beautifully restored 1928 Essex

MSP1 (2).jpg

Mr Brian Lundy from Smithers spent 20 YEARS of his life working on this car and that quickly adds up to a lot of dollars


The Essex was an automobile produced by the Essex Motor Company between 1918 and 1922 and by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit between 1922 and 1933

In 1928 the big news was the use of 4 wheel mechanical brakes and super strong piano hinge doors.


Brian for most of his 80 years was a body man. There is not a nut or bolt untouched on this car.

Original cardboard on inside of car by back wheels was replaced by fiberglass that Mr. Lundy fabricates.  The car is completely rust free as 

 any imperfections were repaired with sheets of lead, as a serious traditionalist would do.


The interior: Mr.Lundy took the car down to the Okanagan where a friend of his , a professional specializing in vehicle upholstery did the plush blue interior.

The original complete drivetrain and several parts came with the purchase. A newer and excellent frame was located and the decision was made to install a much newer motor with a standard transmission.

  (1972 Toyota 1600cc)

Marius purchased the car last Summer "it sure was not what I expected... I bought it immediately. (Rumour has it that Marius actually paid more for the car than Mr. Lundy was asking)

MSP2 (2).jpg

Typical car guy....Marius wasn't happy with just one classic car so he's since travelled to Victoria and picked up this 1927 Essex barn find.

In 1919 an Essex completed a 50 hour, 4,888.2 km endurance test in Cincinnati Ohio, at an average speed of 97.77 km/h. The early Essex cars also captured many hill climb records including Pike's peak in 1923

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