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"After selling a 1970 Mustang 20 years ago, I was looking for something to replace it that had a standard transmission and had no luck until we found this GTO".


Rick will admit that it was not really what he wanted, but at least it was a standard transmission and it gave him something fun to drive while he was searching. 

GTO5 (2).jpg

From this....

GTO4 (2).jpg

To This!

The car looked good but had some issues that needed to change, and some rust and electrical issues were the first to get done. After the electrical was repaired it was time to replace a couple of rear quarter panels and repaint the car. Not perfect but made a nice driver and he used it to go back and forth to work.

GTO3 (2).jpg

 About 6 years ago it was time to update the horse power from its stock 350 and with a bit of looking around a new motor was found. Lee Thomson, a local Prince George Pontiac fan and car club member, had a nice 455 Pontiac motor that he was willing to sell. The deal was made and the motor found a new car to run in. As the old saying goes, “there is no replacement for displacement”


This motor brought the GTO to a new life. Because the motor was built to go down the ¼ mile I have spent the last couple of years taking a bit of the HP tune out of it to make it a bit more street friendly.


It grew on me as we went on multiple out of town trips to places including the lower mainland, a trip around the Kootenays, the Okanogan, Victoria, Terrace last year and countless northern interior cruises.

GTO9 (2).jpg

Rick and Saima's GTO is a regular at the Cruisin' Classics Show n Shine

GTO2 (2).jpg
GTO1 (2).jpg

After learning a bit more about this year of GTO, we found out that it is one of only 687 Hatchback standard transmission cars made that year, making it one of the rarest GTOs produced.

"Turned out to be a great car!"

Rick and Saima are long time members of the Cruisin' Classics and Rick is a past president who has graciously remained on the Executive as our "Director at large"

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